The Team

A team of artists bringing you the work from behind the boards. 

Leif Peng is an illustrator born in Hanover, Germany and has lived in Hamilton, Ontario since he was five. In the early 2000's Leif Began Todays Inspiration as a small mailing list, the aim of which was to share illustration art from the mid 20th century with a few friends with a common interest. Todays Inspiration has grown into a community of over ten-thousand members and fans. Leif spends his days hiking undiscovered Hamilton trails with his dog Belle and endlessly patient wife Wendy. 

Simon Peng was born and raised in Hamilton, growing up in a house littered with comic books from Hellboy to Daniel Clowes and a large helping of Spiderman toys. He now, unavoidably, pursues a career in Illustration and design.  He is also the founding and single member of the Robot Fan Club – a solemn but necessary piece of his professional practise. Simon is they guy in charge of book design and overall beautification of Today's Inspiration Press and the production that goes into each page of the book. 

Phoebe Taylor is known at Today's Inspiration as the resident "Printcess", mostly because of her practise in the out-dated and masochist art of printmaking, partly because she thinks she is funny. When Phoebe isn't carving wooden blocks to print and fasten into a hand bound book, she's singing loudly to Adele and packing Today's Inspiration orders, running the website and marketing of TI Press. She met Simon in their high school art class, now they have a yellow house in Hamilton Ontario.